Annual Human Rights Conference: Saturday April 22

April 18, 2017 | Tampa, FL

Join us Saturday, April 22 for our annual human rights conference at the University of Tampa. This year’s theme is “Migration, Immigration, and Refugee Rights.” The conference will be held at the University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center, 9th floor, from 9AM-5PM.

Click here to download our conference program.

The conference will begin with a film screening of Drawing the Tiger, which follows a rural Nepalese family as they try to escape the cyclical debt and grinding poverty of subsistence farming by sending their daughter to school and their son abroad. The result is an intimate and epic portrait that offers startling insight into the promises and perils of development through education and migrant labor in the global economy. Co-Directors Amy Benson and Scott Squire will present Drawing the Tiger and deliver a keynote address chronicling their behind-the-scenes journey from idealism to disillusionment over the simplified promises of Western-style philanthropic interventions.

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